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      Alibaba international station
      contact us
      contact us

      Address: No.139 GuoZhou Road Of High-tech Development,ZiBo City,ShanDong Province,China

      Phone: 0533-8406588

      Fax: 0533-8403717

      Mail: sales@huaxiangwm.com


      Values: integrity, conscientious, cooperation, innovation
      The person's first, integrity is the fundamental;
      , maintain justice, justice, honest, honest, and trustworthy;
      Respect yourself, respect others, respect the objective laws, respect the company system, thus self-respect striving to improve.
      , responsible for is the first requirement of good work;
      , constantly pursuing professional working style, and constantly strengthen the professional work quality;
      , have a strong sense of responsibility, have outstanding ability of responsibility, have a responsibility character.
      Accomplished, the team can truly outstanding of the individual, and environment harmonious development is the foundation of the enterprise built to last;
      Proactive, attaches great importance to the overall interests, thus to create a good team performance;
      Take a long view, broad-minded, pursue excellent cooperation.
      , innovation is not only an excellent work method, is also a kind of excellent life belief;
      On the way, method, content, constantly seeking a better solution, keep improving, seek better results level;
      Thus stimulate individual creativity, improve the innovation mechanism, with comprehensive technical innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, promote the continuous growth of the company.
      Enterprise spirit: forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence
      Forge ahead
      Look forward, not only to do, and dedication to do;
      Any difficulties and setbacks, perseverance, also could not prevent the indomitable will of the;
      , have the courage to change, is good at change, to change the survival and development;
      Cultivate the ability to learn, good at learning, continuous learning.
      The pursuit of excellence
      Win in market competition unceasingly, superego in introspection, transcending mediocrity, progress in learning;
      Happiness, your goal after successful experience, experience struggle in the process of the pursuit of pleasure.
      Business philosophy: we to follow the user value.
      The development of safe and healthy active platform
      All follow the rules as user value
      , adhere to the \"customer first\" philosophy, creating value for customers, protect legitimate interests of customer is the first priority of management;
      , keep sensitive to user demand, pay attention to the user's consumption experience, service level appropriate exceed customer expectations.
      , fostering the user satisfaction and loyalty, and constantly improve the service level of communication with the user;
      , in order to maximize the value of the user to create corporate value maximization.
      The development of safe and healthy active platform
      With instant messaging and web portal \"a vertical and a horizontal\" as the core, to build the best business structure and product portfolio, technology development, obtain profits, competitive advantage, give attention to two or morethings effectively support the company steady development;
      All the company's products and services, to build up the idea of a healthy society, shoulder the responsibility of cultivating industry benign development order, leading the industry running rules, the most efficient way to promote the progress of social civilization;
      Maintain sense of crisis, accurately grasp the market opportunity, effectively reduce the management risk; by the good mechanism and system, keeping the company's technology, the competition vigor and growth vigor.
      Management idea: care staff growth, strengthen the executive ability,
      The pursuit of efficient harmony, balance the incentive constraint
      Concerned about the staff growth:
      Attaches great importance to the employee's interest and specialty, in good working conditions, improve the staff training plan, career design promote individual career development channel;
      , pay attention to corporate culture management to health simple relationship, serious and lively working atmosphere, carefree and transparent way of communication, promote the continuous improvement of employee satisfaction, keep employees and the enterprise synchronous growth of happiness;
      Inspire staff potential, the pursuit of growth for both individuals and companies. As the consciousness of the individual should have to pay first, willing to dedicate intelligence and diligence, for the team achievement by the outstanding team of personal good.
      Improved ability to execute:
      , it is a good study plan, there is no good executive will become empty talk. Strong execution is one of the core principles in the management;
      Good execution, to rely on excellent mechanism, standard system, sincere cooperation, effective incentive and moving model, but the most important, depends on each person the love of the company and responsible for the work of the spirit;
      , eight to think twice before decisive implementation, be good at summarizing, execution to constantly improve.
      The pursuit of efficient harmony:
      Because the company scale, must form a standard and efficient management mechanism, maintaining high company system operation efficiency;
      According to company development stage and the business change, dynamic optimization of enterprise management, to form a harmonious and orderly internal environment;
      In the efficient and harmonious environment, adhere to the principle of result oriented management, effectively support the company's business goals.
      Balance incentive constraints:
      Value, according to work contribution and achievements, thus forming the differentiation of incentive mechanism, effective inspire staff's subjective initiative and creativity;
      , vigorously promote employees understand system and on the basis of understanding and identity, to strengthen the effective implementation of the system, form the intangible but effective internal constraint mechanism;
      Balancing, emphasizes the combination of incentives and constraints, and provide powerful guarantee for the realization of the internal management.