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      Due to the characteristics of tungsten, makes it very suitable for tiG welding electrode materials, and other similar this kind of work. By adding rare earth metal tungsten oxide to stimulate its electronic work function, makes the improving the welding performance of tungsten electrode, electrode arc starting performance is better, the stability of the arc column is higher, smaller electrode loss rate. Usually rare earth additive has the oxidation of cerium, lanthanum oxide, zirconium oxide, yttrium oxide and thorium oxide, etc.

      Range of application

      Tungsten electrodes used in TIG welding, which is in the tungsten matrix mixed with 0.3% to 5% by the method of powder metallurgy of rare earth elements such as cerium, thorium, lanthanum, zirconium and yttrium and tungsten alloy bars, after pressure and diameter from 0.25 to 6.4 mm, the length of the standard, from 75 to 600, and the most commonly used specifications for the diameter of 1.0, 1.6, 1.0 and 1.6, to the electrode shape is an important factor for TIG, when using DCSP, tip need to be ground into sharp shape, and its cutting-edge Angle with the range of application, electrode diameter, and the welding current to change, the tip of the narrow joint need a smaller Angle, when welding very thin material, with low current, like the smallest needle electrode, to stabilize the arc, and the proper grounding electrode to ensure easy arc starting, good arc stability and proper weld width. When AC power to welding, need not grinding tip, because when using the appropriate welding current, electrode forming a half ball, if increase welding current, electrode will become a light bulb shape and can melt and pollution of molten gold.


      Tungsten electrode in tungsten argon arc welding of arc arc, arc stability and welding quality play an important role. Under the high temperature of arc is tungsten electrode quality loss occurs, known as tungsten electrode ablation. In order to discuss the ablative mechanism of tungsten electrode, the ablation can be divided into adding tungsten oxide ablation and ablation of itself.