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      Alibaba international station
      contact us
      contact us

      Address: No.139 GuoZhou Road Of High-tech Development,ZiBo City,ShanDong Province,China

      Phone: 0533-8406588

      Fax: 0533-8403717

      Mail: sales@huaxiangwm.com



      Use the correct conductive mouth (inner diameter and length)

      The longer the conductive mouth, wire feeding effect is best, conductive mouth diameter should be 10% larger than the diameter of a wire.

      Maintain proper dust cover and conductive mouth relations

      Conductive mouth should be concave inside the dust cover, from the dust cover distance from about 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm) to the largest 1/4 inch

      Use of the straight type nozzle welding torch or choose the goose neck

      Choose straight type welding torch need to wire feeding wheel pressure.

      Using nonmetal (teflon/nylon) input and output leads the mouth

      Using U transmission wheel

      Other types of wire feeding wheel would twist wire break the arc or scraping leading to produce more fire back. Sure U wheel has been to Angle instead of sharp edges.

      Will guide wheel is arranged on a straight line

      Improper arrangement godet wheel or pressure too high can cause distortion welding wire, wire feeding problems.

      Check whether there is water gas leaks

      Used in the teflon hose, don't put the pipe and the exchange use inch cushion gas hose.

      Use the appropriate power supply

      Welding equipment has many types, so want to choose the suitable for aluminum alloy welding machines and related accessories.

      Don't crimp or bending conductive mouth

      Use of conductive mouth can effectively reduce the conductive mouth straight accumulation and conductive mouth of arc.

      In the event of a fire back before, need to clear all wire feed tube and wire

      If it is found that wire to beat or spiral phenomenon, need to change a new conductive mouth, electric conductive mouth diameter or polishing

      Use from a circular blade, the inner diameter of the new conductive mouth even if used conductive mouth will finished.

      Appropriate protection and storage of welding wire

      Don't for the night, the wire on the wire feeding machine is best stored in a temperature and humidity control box, relative humidity must be less than 30%.